Facebook: @theJuniorBoard

Instagram: @theJuniorBoard


Comprised of young professionals, the men and women of the  Junior Board place a high value on education and how it translates in the workforce. 


The DBCR Junior Board provides an outlet for young professionals who:


  • Have a desire to give back to the community

  • Want to support an important and valuable cause

  •  Wish to put their unique skills and talents  to amazing use


Many young professionals become discouraged when trying to give back to their community, having limited funds and time. The Junior Board works to identify ways for young people to make a difference despite limitations.  


Chair: Madeleine Diakiwski & Seton Gardner

Finance Chair: Matt Gray

Membership Chairs: Patrick Scally, Eleanor Gray Mullen, & Colin Milon

Gala Chairs: Courtney Joseph, Hannah Suffern, & Sam Tillery

Volunteer Chair: Michael Sansone

Winter Fundraiser Chair: Mary Katherine Zarzour 






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